Sunday, October 28, 2012

14.313 – Disgusting Filth Makes Amateur Radio Look Bad

Have you listened to this frequency? It’s been an issue for years, decades even if you trace it back to the frequencies the players have chased each other to and from. The person everybody loves to hate, VE7KFM, the man literally deserves to have his radio confiscated and his privileges revoked for life.

What’s just as bad as his vile and disgusting filth however is the people that jam the frequency with vulgarity equal to VE7KFM making them just as bad as he is. VE7KFM plays his anti-K3VR tapes and others play their anti-VE7KFM tapes and in-between about 100 others scream into the mic or play music or other such idiocy.

Easy answer, QSY right? I don’t know what the answer is, in my view Industry Canada should enforce their rules and in the USA the FCC should be doing the same. For some reason neither country seems interested in dealing with the situation so the status quo remains.

Listen almost any time at any day and you’ll hear it, once VE7KFM gets on however it goes bat crazy for hours on end. The very guys thinking they’re putting Karol in his place are lowering themselves to his level…

It’s 10/28/12 , 3:23pm CST and the usual suspects are going off the deep end… and today is a quiet day. Disappointed smile

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Swiss Dipole With Radiowavz Dipole Head

I bought the Swiss Dipole on eBay, it came with no coax connector so I ordered a Dipole Head from Radiowavz for 10 bucks. Yes, I know I could build these things cheaper than buying them however I don’t have that kind of time. So for now I’m buying this stuff, call me an appliance operator, I can handle it. Smile


Like a moron I didn’t pay attention to the connector as I was using my heat gun on the shrink tubing which warped the plastic protecting the head. Thus, this is now my indoor antenna. I am going to purchase a new head and another Swiss Dipole to travel with me in the RV.




I haven’t tested it out yet, I’ll post again when it’s up in the air.