Saturday, June 11, 2016

New Radio And Head Unit Are On Their Way!

I ordered the FlexRadio 6300, FlexRadio Maestro and the Astron SS-25 power supply.

The Head Unit Maestro is on a 4 week back order but the rest should be here by this coming Wednesday. I'll post more when it gets here.

I have a dedicated 20m and 10m Dipole ready to go and the SDRPlay will be used as well as the Yaesu MP1000 Mark V and the Icom 746 Pro.

Now, I have to re-arrange the entire shack to prevent RFI issues and antenna coupling.

I'll post back next week.


  1. you do know nobody reads your blog yes?

  2. I don't post for others, if people come here and check it out, great, if not who cares? I post these so I can look back at what I was doing, you came here and took the time to post, it was negative but considering people today, not shocked.


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