Friday, June 10, 2016

Time For A New Transceiver!

I am researching a new radio, the contestants are the Icom 7300, the Yaesu 3000 and the FlexRadio 6300 and Maestro Combo.

I know it's not really fair to compare the first two to the FlexRadio but these are the 3 I picked. I ruled out the Yaesu 3000, I hated to do it but Yaesu is behind the curve right now, the 3000 has been out a long time as have their other radios.

I like the Icom 7300, but being able to take the head unit for the Flex 6300 around the house and even to the RV, SOLD! The Maestro is back ordered so for now I'll use my iPad to remote control it and my also my laptop and desktop.

I'm ordering the FlexRadio 6300 tomorrow after talking to them about the Maestro back order.

The FlexRadio software, awesome!

FlexRadio 6300 Front (controlled via PC, iPad or Maestro head unit)

FlexRadio 6300 Rear Panel

FlexRadio 6300 ATU

FlexRadio Maestro Head Unit

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